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Millcreek Capital

Harness Sustainability

As a major global financial institution, we consider the impacts that our business has on the environment and society.

We strive to contribute to sustainable economic growth that protects healthy markets, enhances our own business resiliency and longevity, and delivers positive impact for key stakeholders such as clients, employees, shareholders and communities.

Investors are looking for ways to get broader exposure to the diverse growth opportunities in many local markets. In parallel, issuers are looking for ways to find broader liquidity sources via international investors and the immense flexibility of the market across types of debt, size of transactions, length of tenor, and multiple jurisdictions and currencies.

Initial Public Offering

Most popular IPOs are extremely difficult for retail investors to access. We pride ourselves on changing this rule.

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Thematic Portfolios

Our analysts construct specialized portfolios representing the overall performance of particular sectors, much like ETFs.

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Quant Portfolios

Advanced computer modeling, data analysis, and machine learning combine to provide portfolios that can react.

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Private Management

Private Management entails working one on one with a senior portfolio manager to achieve your investment goals.

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Strategically tailored for high net worth individuals who wish to prioritize profits

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Yield Generation

The portfolio’s main asset classes include global inflation linked bonds.

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Green Equities

A good choice if eco-friendly practices and social causes are important.

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Profit Builder

The choice for clients with specific interest but who desire an advantage.

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We create portfolio ideas that are bigger, bolder, braver and better.