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Quant Portfolios

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Quant Portfolios

Advanced computer modeling, data analysis, and machine learning combine to provide portfolios that can react to market activity in milliseconds.

Quant Portfolios are an investment fund that selects and trades securities using advanced quantitative analysis. Quant portfolio managers build customized models using software programs to determine the fund’s investments. Put simply, your investments are managed by our proprietary computer network.

Active investing relying on quantitative analysis has grown in the past decade due to increasingly higher access to a broad range of market data and an ever-growing variety of solutions in the big data industry. Developments in financial technology and increasing innovation around automation have vastly broadened the data sets quant fund managers can work with, giving them even more robust data feeds for broader analysis of scenarios and time horizons.

Thus, quant portfolio programming and quantitative algorithms have thousands of trading signals they can rely on ranging from economic data points, to trending global asset values and real time company news. This allows the software to make decisions and execute trades in milliseconds after processing a volume of data no human ever could in a month. Quant Portfolios are also known for building sophisticated models around quality, momentum, value and financial strength using proprietary algorithms developed through advanced software programs.

Quant Portfolios consistently beat the market and, due to our industry leading quant team and recent advancements in machine learning, are constantly improving.

  • Your investments are managed by highly advanced “Machine Learning” systems.
  • Your investments are automatically monitored every second the markets are open.
  • News and market activity can be acted on instantly.
Initial Public Offering

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Thematic Portfolios

Our analysts construct specialized portfolios representing the overall performance of particular sectors, much like ETFs.

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Quant Portfolios

Advanced computer modeling, data analysis, and machine learning combine to provide portfolios that can react.

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Private Management

Private Management entails working one on one with a senior portfolio manager to achieve your investment goals.

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