We are a leading provider of innovative investment products and wealth management solutions.

About Us

We offer a wide range of unique and valuable investment services for our clients.

Millcreek Capital

Who We Are

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each asset class and financial instrument as times change and market conditions fluctuate. We work hard to ensure your money is being utilized as effectively as possible in order to meet your own unique financial goals.

With over 600 staff, in 3 offices in 3 continents, we service over 26,000 clients and currently handle over $4bn in assets. Driven by a desire to provide a truly stress-free, transparent and calm approach to investing, we can offer its valued clients a unique service, based on clear communication and of course, great profits! In addition to 30+ independent remote analysts (IRA’s) positioned at all of the major finance hubs in the world, bringing up to the second, extremely valued information, we have exclusive access to an Algorithmic Pattern Predictor (APP).

An APP is essentially a huge Machine Learning computer (ML), and the algorithms are capable of many thousands of calculations per second. The purpose of the APP is to see “win and loss” patterns emerging in stocks very early, thereby reducing the risk of over-exposure. All in all, we have you covered!

Initial Public Offering

Most popular IPOs are extremely difficult for retail investors to access. We pride ourselves on changing this rule.

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Thematic Portfolios

Our analysts construct specialized portfolios representing the overall performance of particular sectors, much like ETFs.

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Quant Portfolios

Advanced computer modeling, data analysis, and machine learning combine to provide portfolios that can react.

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Private Management

Private Management entails working one on one with a senior portfolio manager to achieve your investment goals.

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Strategically tailored for high net worth individuals who wish to prioritize profits

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Yield Generation

The portfolio’s main asset classes include global inflation linked bonds.

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Green Equities

A good choice if eco-friendly practices and social causes are important.

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Profit Builder

The choice for clients with specific interest but who desire an advantage.

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We create portfolio ideas that are bigger, bolder, braver and better.